KLEX Protocol Fees

KLEX Fees:

Trading fees:

A small percentage of the trade paid by traders to pool LPs, set by the pool creator or dynamically optimized by Gauntlet. Additionally, Klex governance can vote to introduce a Protocol Trading Fee, which is a percentage of the Trading Fee. For instance, if a pool had a 1% fee, and governance introduced a 1% protocol fee - the total swap fee to the trader would remain at 1%, but now 0.99% would accrue to the pool's LPs, and 0.01% would accrue to the protocol fee collector contract.

Flash Loan fees:

A small percentage of assets that are used for flash loans from Klex’s vault. This is the protocol fee - it accrues to the protocol, for allocation by governance.

What are the fees for a trade?

Klex Pools are extremely customizable, and each pool can have a different fee. It is up to the pool creator to decide how high the fees should be, ranging from 0.0001% to 10%. When using the Smart Order Router, the fees will always be taken into account when finding the best price.

When will the Protocol Trading Fees be turned on?

Protocol trading fees can be set by governance. The fees will be owned and governed by the community (KLEX holders) and be held in a Treasury contract. 20% of fees will go to a dev wallet.

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